Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Candidates: Based on a True Country by Matthew S. Hiley {Book Review}

The Candidates is written by Matthew Hiley, who is the author of Hubris Falls. I reviewed this book just a week ago, so follow the link to read my review. If you enjoyed the dark comedy of his previous novel, this is one you will for sure love. Categorized as a comedy, it will appeal to those who enjoy this particular type of comedy. It's not a comedy that is for everyone, due to its unique style.

It's not all jokes and laughs with serious topics being mentioned, such as stereotypes, and prejudice, and the politics that wrap up the two. It's a giant combination of comical events mixed with real life actual events, or real events with a comical fictitious spin to them. The comedy is in the irony of most of the situations. Or the fact that the fictitious parts are making fun of real life situations that are being discussed today.

Skip and Harry are running for office, after both struggling with their political career. They are both shady characters who have found themselves making unwise decisions, but both are determined with great ambitions to make president.

I would recommend this to mature adults, as it's comedy and real life events contain language fit for adult only. Not only that, but the situations can only be understood by those who have a brief grasp on today's current events.

The writing style is unique and one of a kind. It's a book I definitely don't regret picking up, and eventually plan on reading again to catch small parts that may have been missed initially. I'll read anything by Matthew Hiley, now that I've read two great books by him. I give this book 5/5.

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The Candidates: Based on a True Country

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