Monday, December 30, 2013

A Study in Skills (The Baskerville Affair) by Emma Jane Holloway {Review}

This book is well worth reading, assuming you can handle all 549 pages. It has everything a great book needs, suspense, romance, a bit of sci-fi, and extreme intrigue. The setting takes place in the 19th century in Victorian England, around the time period of Sherlock Holmes.

Evelina has magical powers, which her Uncle Sherlock does not condone. This matches how I think Sherlock would respond to a niece thinking she has powers. In addition, magic is forbidden, and punishable by death or experimental testing. 

Evelina is a commoner, but wishes to be part of the wealthy society as a magician, an investigator and a debutante. See, her mother was upper class, and her father was from circus folk. Everything Evelina dabbles in, is viewed as not lady like.

To make things even more complicated, she has two boyfriends that she's juggling. There's Nick, another magician who she has known since her childhood in the circus, who shares something common with her, magic, and the circus. Then there's Imogen brother, Tobias, who is handsome and intelligent and makes her feel things no other can. They both hold different and unique spots in her heart.

She's set out to solve the murder of a parlor maid named Grace, which takes place in the mansion she herself is a guest in. There are clues left behind that could possibly ruin reputations and cause an uproar. She's no ordinary sleuth of her time, she has the genes of Sherlock Holmes in her which are possibly going to aid or hinder her investigation. 

Jane Holloway knows how to bring the magical world to life, and enthrall the reader. She especially captures the attention of the reader, by ending the book in a cliff hanger to die for. Many of the sub plots are unresolved, and if you're anything like me, you'll be dying to find out what happens. At the same time, I'm glad it didn't go any longer, with the amount of pages that I had already read, I was excited to finally finish the book. I give this book 5/5 with great enthusiasm. I'm excited for the sequel. 

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A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair, #1)
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