Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Lost Pearl by Lara Zuberi {Book Review}

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Sana Shah is only nine-years-old when she is a bystander to her father's horrible assassination. This tragedy forces Sana to escape Pakistan and her mother's new husband and move to California with her Aunt and Uncle. Even though she has changed her scenery and lives with family who treats her as her own, she is still haunted from her memories as she struggles to deal with losing her father, and rediscover herself in a new country. 

Lara Zuberi goes into great detail about Sana's physical and mental experiences she endured when she lived in Pakistan, that really played a vivid picture for me  which made it easier to understand and sympathize with Sana.  

Watching Sana grow and uncover her inner-self was an emotional roller coaster that instantly hooked me into the story. Zuberi captivated me into a coming of age sort of book that instantly made me feel for Sana. 

She is set on pursuing journalism and attents Stanford where she meets Ahmer where they instantly connect due to their cultural heritage and their experience of having lost things that they love. He becomes her anchor to happiness and helps her understand how she feels about her family. 

A beautiful story that found a special soft spot in my heart. Witnessing death is traumatizing enough, but when it's your father, it really changes who you are and how you look upon life in front of you. Even though Sana had a rough road to happiness, it was enchanting how she found herself even through all her pain and agony.
I give this book

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