Monday, September 24, 2012

Inside the Glass by L.E. Teigland {Book Review}

Mrs. Flood has just assigned the class to write a paper about their fathers. Peter Smythe doesn't know who he's going to write about since he never knew his father due to his life being taken during his job as a fireman just months before Peter's birth. 

It's not that his mother and family hasn't tried their hardest to fill the void in his heart, but he still strongly desires to know more about his father. He finds comfort through reading and spends a great deal of time at the library. 

This is where the book takes on a twist. Peter is hit on the head by a clock making him appear to be unconscious. Peter has fallen deep inside a book and is now living an adventurous life with his friend Dave, who happens to be a rabbit and strikes a similar resemblance to Peter's father. 

This book does take on a high resemblance of Alice in Wonderland, but not quite as fantasy like. This is more of a story of a boy with a very active imagination who is being connected with his father through his dreams. 

All of the characters Peter meets throughout his travels in the alternate reality of his imagination, is supposed to resemble someone he knows in real life. Everyone seems to be very cryptic in their dialogue almost as if they need Peter to learn everything on his own without any help. 

It may seem like another Alice in Wonderland style book with it's extreme ingenuity, but there is something to be gained by every senario in Peter's imagination which leads him to finding himself a little better by the end. 

This is a great book for everyone of all ages. It's especially a great book for parents to read to their kids because it has such a family feel to the book. There's something in this book that everyone will find entertaining and enjoyable. A great read by another great author! I hope there will be more to come from Teigland. 

I give this book

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