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Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast {Book Review}

House of Night Book #5

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Hunted (House of Night, #5)

Stevie Rae and her red fledgings aren't a secret to Neferest any longer. Neferest has turned evil and is working with her consort Kalona while they take over the school and attempt to sway the council into continuing to go against Nyx.

I am getting really sick of Zoey getting involved with so many boys. Eric. Heath. Stark. Loren. How many guys does the most powerful fledging really need?

I really thought Heath would be out of the series by this book, but then blood is drunk, and she imprints, again! That is just too much. Eric is such a great guy and she's always messing it up. I really hope that throughout the series I can watch her mature and gain some perspective in her own life.

Or maybe there is something to her being a man magnet whore that will come out in one of the future books. I really hope so, because it's quite pathetic that the new High Priestess has so many relationships with so many different guys.

Even after everything Aphrodite has done for the nerd herd they still continue to bicker. I can understand it from Aphrodite since this is very much her character but she's also the one doing the good deeds and showing how she can overcome her differences. It still doesn't make sense why the twins are still so mean to her. Especially how much it seems Aphrodite really cares for the bunch, she goes into panic mode when any one of them is hurt. But then again if it weren't for all the inner drama with the fledglings I probably would have put the book down.

The plot needs an adult character that is able to help them through tough situations an is on the right side. I think Darius and Lenobia are the two perfect characters for this position.

I'm a little confused on how much time is passing by, when they are in the tunnels they talk as if they are down there for one night, but with all the activities that are going on it seems as if they had been down there for weeks. So much in so little time. 

It felt like they were down in the tunnels for so long, that it took up half the book and I was anxious for the climax of the face to face between Zoey and Neferest to finally happen. 

I've never seen Christopher Moore quoted in any other books, but the Cast team referred to him on 188 and it made me love the book just a bit more. 

By the end of the book, Zoey is complaining that Eric is too jealous. I was blown away by this statement, Eric has had to witness her drinking other guys blood, imprinting with other guys, having sex with other guys, and he's the one acting jealous? 

She should face the facts of her actions and stay away from a relationship with Eric because all she's doing is breaking his heart. So sad. 

Good news though, by the end of the book it seems Aphrodite and everyone seem to be finally getting along. I hope this means no more bickering in future books.
I give this book

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