Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've never liked moving all that much but for some reason I find myself doing it quite frequently. This past weekend I moved and let me tell you something, this was the hardest move I've made yet. This includes the moves I have made across the country. 
On Saturday I looked for a place all day long and packed up the whole house. Sunday I had a garage sale in the morning and picked up the U-haul and loaded it up. Monday morning I moved into my new house. It was super quick and extremely impulsive. Boy am I sore from the heavy boxes and furniture. 
I moved into a smaller home so I am cutting back on a lot of clutter which is so refreshing. Plain and simple, I have too much stuff! It's going to be nice to be clutter free and better organized. 
I love my new little cottage, as I start to unpack, I find that it feels more and more like home. I've always hated moving because I seem to need to move right as my house is starting to feel like a home. Now that I have Kate it's hard to say good-bye to a house because there are so many more memories. I saw her first steps in the old house. 
What some people don't realize is the difference between a house and home. In my opinion, a house is somewhere you reside, you sleep, and where you keep all of your belongings. That is exactly what my old house was, just a place where I lay my head at night. I may have had good memories there but I would not call it a home. A home is somewhere you can feel comfortable and loved. A home is where you want to start memories at. To me it is a huge difference. 
I'm just glad that I'm now in a home with the man that I love and my gorgeous daughter.

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