Friday, June 15, 2012

Bum Shanker Sequel

Ok, Ok, there was one other time that I used a "shank" in another bum like situation. A few months after the first incident, I was sleeping in the park. The slide was a makeshift bed and my backpack and sweatshirt were my makeshift pillow. Sometimes I would even have a blanket or a sheet in my backpack and I'd stay a bit warmer. I'm one of those people who need to sleep with a blanket on anyways. 

There was a bum that was known for robbing people in the park at night. A lot of high school kids would sneak down to the creek at the edge of the park and smoke pot and cigarettes. I know this because I did the same thing. Well the homeless man lived in the creek and collected all his stolen goods in a tent by the water. He was disgusting. If anyone else would be known for "shanking" it would be him.

Well he woke me up as he tried slipping my backpack from under my head. I still always had my phone in my left pocket and my knife in the right. He fought to get it unhooked from the straps I had linked around my arms to prevent such incidents from happening. I took the knife and threatened him with it. He punched me in the face causing me to see stars. Instantly I felt my eye swell up and had difficulty seeing out of it. I blindly stepped up and pushed the knife through the air in a stabbing motion. I got him. He clutched the knife which was stuck in him and took off running. 

A week later the tent was gone. Probably relocated to a less dangerous spot. 
So I guess it's only fair I keep the silly nickname I have acquired. 

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