Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 4) by J.R. Ward

What's the book about?
I didn't think that there would be a book about Butch but I'm glad there was. Ex-homicide cop, Butch is the only human that has ever been allowed in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He instantly fit in with the brotherhood and just never left. Now he wears fancy clothes, shoes and spends one hundred percent of his time with the brothers. Which isn't a bad set up, in fact, he wants to be involved even more in the war against the Lessers. He's already in love with another vampire, Marissa. She doesn't want to see him because he just can't satisfy all her "needs." He goes through some intense things that eventually lead to a complete life style change. 

What did I think?
This book was so much different than her other books. There was a lot of "gay" parts to the book that I wasn't expecting at all. It was tastefully done and I wasn't bothered by it. I personally don't care whether your gay or not, what you do in the privacy of YOUR OWN HOME is your business. I don't need it shoved in my face on the street but you're free to do as you please. So if you are not to keen on the thought of two guys "hooking up" then you might not want to read this book. But their soo good! Just skip through those parts and get to the good stuff! =D
I still recommend it but you are warned about the content. I'd still read it even if I didn't approve of homosexuals. 

I give this book

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