Friday, February 17, 2012

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 5) by J.R. Ward

This is Vishous' book. He is the brother that has the curse to and ability to see the future. Growing up, things were hard for him living in a war camp under his Father's rule. After a close call, he is accidentally taken to a human hospital where he is treated by Dr. Jane Whitcomb. After much persuasion to make her forget about him they end up keeping her around.

It's hard to understand how someone like Vishous could get along so well with someone like Jane but it all works out in the end. He loses some of his negative sexual desires and makes a better life for him and Jane.
It was so crazy to see a character like Vishous be so sweet and gentle. Look forward to reading Book 6! I should space them out so I am not going crazy when I reach the last one! 

I give this book
5 hearts!

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