Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Window of Within by Nicole Anderson {Book Review}

"Okay Lord I know
I've been asking for more
Give me a sign for the one I adore
For I don't want to ignore
what may be at my door"

This is a portion of a poem that I believe sums up how the writer feels and what she is trying to portray all throughout the book. You may not understand God's plan, but if you keep believing and continue being patient you will see the proof of God's love, and in return you will find happiness.

Life has meaning, every thing you do has an impact on someone's life and is changing the world around you. Your life should be lived to the fullest, and in the end you will share all the glory with God.

This is what I took from Nicole Anderson's poetry. I'm sure every reader may get something different,  but I believe the overall message is clear enough for any reader to understand. 4/5.
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Window of Within: God

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