Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chloe and the Half-World by Neon May {Book Review}

This is a young adult/teen dystopian novel which should appeal to anyone who's ever read Harry Potter or other books from that general genre. It's about two young girls who live on an island that is privately owned by those who are designing new technology, which just so happens to be their parents. Theirs some paranormal stuff going on that the girls are being directly affected by and must set out on a dangerous and mysterious quest.

The descriptive words used to describe some of the characters was a bit unusual. Possibly appealing to the younger crowd, but I couldn't quite get on board with it. It gave little information for the readers imagination, but I guess it also left the visions up to the reader one hundred percent.

It's a bit hard to follow at times with all the different things going on. There was almost too much information for me, let alone the younger readers. This didn't make it any less of a good book because I enjoyed it immensely and would definitely rate it at 5/5.

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Chloe and the Half-World (Slumberland Station, #1)

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