Saturday, December 21, 2013

Running Stupid by Ezra White {Review}

I'm going to start off by calling this a very unusual story that really grabbed my attention. It's a real page turner about a young man who strikes it rich with the lottery after living a poverty stricken life. His girlfriend encourages him to do something with his life, leading him to a life of action where he puts his life at risk multiple times.

When his girlfriend ends up dead, he becomes the police's main interest, but he isn't the murderer. He escapes, thinking this is his best option to be a free man. While on the run he comes across a man who betrays him, and opens his eyes to what his life has become.

I find that every situation Matthew Jester gets into is highly improbable, causing it to be a bit frustrating to read. I was constantly yelling at the book, "oh come on…really." He is also a very stupid and reckless man who puts himself in danger and uncompromising situations that adds to the frustration. 

It was full of twists and turns, you cannot predict what could possibly happen to him next, which was entertaining and exciting. I couldn't help root for Matthew, despite how much of an ass he is. Overall I thought this book was a bizarre and unique action themed book, I would rate at 4/5. 
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Running Stupid (suspense thriller with humor)
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