Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pine Village Co-op Murders by Chief John J. Mandeville {Review}

The beginning of the book goes into the back story of each character that lives in the housing complex that the majority of the book takes place in.

Mike and Tracy are the main characters and they seem to be  quite the gossipers. They especially gossip about the co-op board members who have the full time responsibility for running the complex. They feel they are only on the board to benefit themselves, and take control over the small things like getting their front entrances painted. Mike is eventually put in charge of solving a murder that occurred in the laundry room. His duty is to solve the murder, before he strikes again.

This book reminds me a lot about the board game Clue. Each character is described in detail with one of the details being the key to solving the murder. You must eliminate which ones do not apply, and find the murderer. It was quite entertaining, because I love the game Clue. 

Overall this was a fun murder mystery book that reminds me of such an awesome childhood board game. I rate this book 5/5. 
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