Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Viable by R.A. Hakok {Book Review}

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Alison Stone's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's which eventually takes his life, and now she's on a mission to find a cure for the disease. She's presented with a man with a rare blood type that could help in her research, but first she must find the man. Although, she's not the only one looking for the man, and while she's looking for the man she finds herself putting her life in the line of danger.

The theme of this book of course is fiction, but the author writing style is seamless and well researched, you forget that it's just a story. It's clear the author did a great amount of research to make this book as successful as it is. It's great to read a book that has what seems like such an accurate and true story, even if it isn't.

The beginning of the book started off a bit slow, and I was anxious to get to the action already, but I stuck with it and my patience paid off, because later on the book is filled with action. I don't have any other complaints about this book. I greatly enjoyed reading it and would rate this book a 5/5

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