Thursday, August 22, 2013

Isolated Howl by Grant Palmquist {Book Review}

A short story

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Isolated Howl: A Short Story

There have been a string of violent murders that happen on full moons, in Trident Texas. Around this time, Zane discovers a decomposing body with un-human like features. What is this creature, is it human or have they discovered something that will go down in history books? They don't even get a chance to decide what to do with their discovery, when the body suddenly goes missing.

The next full moon, the boys go hunting for any strange creatures, or possibly even the murder. Who knows they might just be the same thing. One of the boys goes missing during the hunt. Did the creature get him?

A quick, fun and heart pumping read. I enjoyed the short read and hope there is more to come with this story. It has great potential to become a really great novel. I plan on following Grant's work, and start reading his other books. A great rating of 5/5 in my opinion.

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