Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Harry Pond Looks Homeward by Jay Allan Luboff {Book Review}

The Spiritual Adventure of an Ohio Farm Boy

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Harry Pond Looks Homeward

Harry returns from the Vietnam war to his home town where he is welcomed by his sister Becky. Unfortunately it's not the most happiest of times back in the states, they both have just lost their parents. It's even more devastating that Becky tells Harry she suspects their Uncle Julius might have something to do with their parent's death.

Uncle Julius doesn't defend himself on the accusations, and to make things worse, he wants to buy the property that was left to Becky and Harry. The spiritual adventure and intriguing plot make this an electrifying tale.

What a difficult time Harry goes through, but his trip home opens many doors and roads to him that change how he views everything around him, including the war and his parent's death. It truly is a spiritual quest that Harry goes on in order to come to terms with the life he was dealt.

I found this book to be quite enlightening and eye opening. I found it entertaining and riveting, I could hardly put it down during some parts of the book. I have recommended this book to a few friends who I know would appreciate, and apply the spiritual journey to their own lives as I did.

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