Saturday, June 8, 2013

Steel Breeze by Douglas Wynne {Book Review}

Desmond has recently lost his wife to a brutal murder that was broadcasted all over the news, causing him to be center of attention in his local town. One day, when on a visit to the park with his young son Lucas, something odd happens. Desmond starts writing at a park bench just next to his son playing at the park with his dump truck. 

One moment Lucas is there, and the next he's disappeared and only his dump truck is let behind. As Desmond desperately searches for his son, he finds him standing with a stranger, looking at the ducks in a stream near by. 

Who is this stranger? Why would he be luring his son out from the playground to look at ducks? Desmond is sure that is somehow connected to his wife's murder, and could even possibly be the murderer himself. Immediately he takes his son to the detectives who worked his wife's murder, but the tables turn when they doubt his story and start insinuating that he is crazy. 

There many little mysteries throughout the book, that will have you captivated in trying to solve them along side the characters. This was an especially fun book to read with a profusion of mystery, thrill and excitement all wrapped up in one. My favorite character was Desmond. His motivation and desire to solve all the unanswered questions in his life is remarkable. He's a great dad and will stop at nothing to protect him. 

The chapters are separated by change between characters viewpoints which makes it remind me of how James Patterson writes. I'd gladly recommend this book to any of my friends. I give this book 5/5

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