Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Day in Paradise by Barry Vass {Book Review}

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In Las Vegas Jimmy Spencer was approached by his friend Eddie Roberts who runs a blackjack system called Free Money that is rumored to be a fail proof system to make lots of money. Unfortunately the system worked too well and word leaked out to the Middle Eastern terrorists. They hunted Eddie down and tortured him trying to get the key to Free Money but Eddie ended up dying with his secret. 

For years now the Middle Eastern terrorists have been after Jimmy, and his wife Naomi. They sail the seas on they're boat the Desperado trying to keep a low profile. It seems every turn they make they run into one obstacle after another. 

They sell their boat to two men, Bobby and Brad, who agrees to give them a ride to Jamaica before setting sail on his own illegal adventures. Jamaica is where they will start a new life without the boat to identify them by. 

It's one hell of an adventure these two go on. I don't want to give too much of the story away and spoil it, but I can guarantee you'll enjoy reading it. There's an abundance of adventure and suspense in every chapter. 

The characters are well developed and I liked both Naomi and Jimmy for their quick thinking and desire to survive. They never leave each other's side and you can feel the connection they share. This was an extremely fun book to read, and I will probably end up reading it again soon. Barry M. Vass is a great author, and I hope he decides to write more in the future. I rate this book a 5/5! 

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