Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bleed to Love Her by David Andrew McGlone

Patrick Nichols has lost his whole life including his job as a journalist and even his life. His life is turned upside down he starts feeling the downward spiral into insanity. Trying to move on with his life, he takes interest in a man named Arthur LaSalle. He begins to write his own book about the man, the man he has such interest and desire to fully understand him, he moves into Arthur's home.

Things take a twist when Patrick is visited in the night by a woman in black lace. The sounds coming out of her sound like she's pleading for him to write the truth. Patrick makes it a goal to dig until he finds the truth that the woman is talking about. 

Patrick is a great character that was built up at a perfect speed in order to keep the reader interested. As the reader, I was really built up on his character as I read through the book. The only complaint I have about the book, was the very disorganized beginning. I wasn't sure what direction the book was going to fully understand what point the author was trying to get to. 

It wasn't until just before the halfway point in the book that I finally became so interested I couldn't put the book down. Overall I found this to be a very unique plot with enough going on to really keep you hooked on finishing the book, you just have to get past the beginning when things tend to read a bit tricky. 

I gladly give this book 4/5. 

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