Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Dialogue on Opposing Worldviews by Joseph Schrock

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Review: This is a book of thoughts that have been constantly on the author's mind, so he breaks everything down to analyze and think about certain theories and topics. The topics aren't your usual Philosophy 101 class that can be hard to read. These topics are about all different, real, and plausible topics from Beer and Women to Consciousness and its Implications. 

There are two views to every topic, one from the "Studiosus," based on the Latin words that mean eager and studious while the other from is the "Scepticus," which can be translated to skeptic. A discussion with the combination of these two different types of people make for a great debate on almost any discussion. 

"This book juxtaposes a highly liberal modern take on philosophy with a rather serious, realistic, and conservative worldview." 

That is a quote from the book and I think it describes this book perfectly. It contains a wide variety of topics that are debated between a studious character and a skeptical character. 

I give this book 3/5 

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