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Bloodline (Bloodline Book 1) by Kate Cary

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Bloodline (Bloodline, #1)

What is the book about?

It's the end of 1916, and John Shaw has returned from the trenches of the first World War with the fever that is causing him pain, delirium and horrible nightmares. Mary Seward is immediately drawn to him and takes a special interest in John. 

When John is brought into the sanatorium he is clutching a red leather journal, that Mary brings home for safe keeping. Curiosity kills her, and she reads of the things that he has witnessed in the war. It's no wonder is he is ranting and raving from the fever. 

John's Commanding Officer, Captain Quincey Harker, is a ruthless and determined leader who has been known to do solitary missions at night to attack and kill the enemy. John has suspicions that there is more to Harker, but hasn't put his finger on it quite yet. 

When John wakes up, he remembers how well he was taken care of by Mary, and they spend time together outside of the sanatorium when he is discharged from care. 

Mary and John find out that John's sister Lily has fallen in love with Harker and run off with him to elope in Transylvania. When Mary and John discover who Quincey Harker is, they follow after them, in hopes to stop the inevitable. 

What did I think of the book?

Bloodline is written in journal format, showing you the journal entries from each of the characters; Mary, John, Lily, and Captain Harker. It bounces back and forth keeping up with time to show everyone's perspective, which I thought is brilliantly written. 

Cary's first novel to the Bloodline series, has a great twist to the vampire stories  of Van Helsing and Dracula. There's blood, love, romance, and death all wrapped up in a great novel. I thought Kate Cary did a great job at the dialogue between the characters, since it takes place during World War I, the speech differs from current times, and it seemed realistic while also entertaining and easy to understand. 

I cannot wait to start the next book in the series, I don't have it yet, but I'm hoping I can take a trip to my favorite used book store, and pick up a copy today! 
I give this book 
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Has anyone read the second in the series? What did you think? 

Rx Factor by Thomas Shaw

What is the book about?

Ryan Matthews tried to save his wife's life from ovarian cancer by finding a drug to cure her. See, he's a former cancer researcher and he goes to all extremes to find anything that will save his wife. While providing experimental drugs, we learn about drug trials and how or why drugs don't make it to shelves, or even end up blacklisted. Take a ride through the mysterious government cover-up's that will have you hooked on this book.

What did I think of the book?

Shaw writes a fast paced, thriller that can only leave the reader in shock. The whole plot of the book cannot be considered fantasy since it isn't far fetched enough to be unbelievable, which really gets you thinking how much of this book could actually have some truth behind it. It's highly emotional, watching a man struggle with losing his family and then only to have to deal with big time government issues.

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I give this book

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