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Key West Bounce Mike Pettit {Book Review}

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Key West Bounce is the second book in the Jack Marsh Action Thriller Series. I did not read the book titled Smackdown, which is Mike Pettit's first book in the series. This book review is of Key West Bounce as a single book, not as part of the series because I have yet to read any other books in the series. 

Jack Marsh, an adventurous Key West bar owner, and his best friend, Tommy Hicks, the owner of a well-equipped boat, and a former secret agent, are in search of a sunken airplane in international waters between the United States and Cuba. The airplane is said to be full of gold currency that is meant for Cuba's liberation during the Bay of Pigs Incident in the 1960's. 

Jack and Tommy are adrenaline junkies, who know this is not going to be an easy job, but are still ready to find the gold for themselves, even though there are others out there with the same intention, and will kill anyone who gets in their way. 

All the characters are built up in a way that you can clearly tell who the good guys are versus the bad guys. Jack, Tommy, and Alfred have big hearts, with enough cleverness and wit that make them so easily liked. While the other guys are only out to kill anyone who gets in their way and ever aspect of them is evil. 

This is just your average mystery book with enough thrill to keep you turning the pages and excited for more. This was my time reading a book written by Mike Pettit but if his other books are as easy and fun as Key West Bounce, then I will be very interested in starting the others. 

The only complaint I have about this book is the grammar and spelling problems. It distracted me from the story because I was constantly having to re-read certain sentences to figure out what was initially intended to mean. 

I give this book 3/5

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