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{ Book Review } Two Weeks South of France by David Christie

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Two Weeks in the South of France

My Book Review
Chris has a lot on his plate with a wife in the United States and a mistress in France who has a odd resemblance to his wife. Suddenly Chris gets an urgent call from his mother that his he is needed in France to claim the body of his father, the man he barely knew, let alone called him his father. Once he arrives to France he finds out that he knew even less about him then he had originally thought 

In addition to all the drama he has had dropped into his lap so suddenly and unwanted, now a very wealthy business partner, named Mark Voss was murdered in his hotel room, all because he got himself in a situation where different groups were searching and hunting him down, for a document Mark had been paid to find. This document is very important because it could ruin the lives of numerous people. Chris is lucky that he has the help of his father's business partner, who is another wealthy man with a lot of important connections.

While searching for his father he finds himself knocking on deaths door countless times. This is an adventure that is well wroth reading to take the trip with Chris to put all the puzzle pieces to his father's death, and the aftermath that came with it. Although it was a bit confusing to read about the two different personalities that Chris has. At first he seems like a simple man with no skills that might be useful for trying to solve murders, but as soon as he is involved in his father's mess, his inner mob boss comes out of him.

This is a great novel that takes you through a suspense, murder, thrill, romance, and action. It'll keep you on your toes, just because whatever happens is so over the top with drama it is mind blowing. Everything that could happen to all the characters, does happen, and not in a good way. The characters are exciting and entertaining, and you are never quite sure what they are capable of, and how powerful and influential they come to be.

Although the murder mystery part was a bit predictable I found it still to be a quite enjoyable read. I recommend to all you murder, mystery, thriller readers out there. I give this book a 4/5. Only one point docked for how predictable the book was and for the inconsistant transitions between scenes and locations. It made me think I had skipped a page. At one moment he's on the phone talking about murder and crime, and the next hes suddenly across town, with no explanation of how he got from point A to point B.

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