Saturday, October 6, 2012

MuTerra by R.K. Sidler {Book Review}


MuTerra is a dystopian novel about a comet named Ignatio-17 is about to come within hundreds of feet of the sun's position and there is nothing we can do about it from Earth. 

The book explains how top secret it would be for everyone to not have information about the comet, to not cause an uproar with the people on Earth. 

When reading this book, the inevitable end of the world climax was lacking a certain amount of drama or excitement. Instead it was written very matter of fact while just including the scientific info explaining how Earth was affected, and what the outcome was for humans. 

Luckily, there was an military installation that was secure enough for a large amount of people to be stored safely inside. Along with some crew members of a submarine, these are the only humans left alive as far as the story is concerned. 

For such horrific results on the destruction the comet had caused, I was hoping to have more detail about the volcanos that erupted and the earthquakes that shifted continents so as the reader, I would be able to understand how detrimental the comet hitting the sun really was. I felt like there was too little climax, and I was almost reading something out of a very future history book which just included the basic facts from the day the Earth ended. 

I do enjoy science and history too much to not have liked this book. It may have been lacking in the certain drama I am accustomed to, but overall it was a good book that was easy to read, even with scientific jargon, and I was anxious all throughout the book to come to the final conclusion about how the world got past such a disaster. 

I give this book 4/5

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