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Farewell Bergerac by Fredrik Nath {Book Review}

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Farewell Bergerac

It's 1937 during the Spanish Civil War and Francois has just been notified that his son has died fighting the Fascist Rebels. On his way to visit his son's grave he meets Alma who has also experienced pain and suffering due to the war. On his way back through the small town that he met Alma in, he watches the town become bombed and destroyed. 

Francois tries to keep to himself while making money selling game that he has gone out and shot. He hides behind his reputation as a town drunk to insure no one would expect him to be hiding young Jewish girls in his home, or helping with covert operations. 

Francois was at one time a Language teacher, but now he finds that he has attracted women, young enough to be his daughters, while fighting very close to the front lines. 

Even though all the suffering he has experienced, he never gives up and he continues to protect as many people as he can. 

This is a story of how Francois and the rest of France are handeling the Spanish War and the beginning of World War II. Although he did not sign up for a lot of the missions he finds himself in, he fights on. 

I thought this was an educational and entertaining book. Francois is an easily liked character because of how much he does for others, even though he puts on the face of a rough drunk who has little to no feelings for anyone but himself. Inside, he's just as hurt, confused, and terrified of what is to come of his home country and those around him. 

Before reading Farewell Bergerac, I haven't read a book that has taken place in France during this time period, but after reading Nath's book, I am anxious to not only read more from the author, but also more about this time period in France. 

Mr. Fredrik Nath does a great job at combining history with fiction and together he wrote a very entertaining book that I enjoyed reading. 

I give this book 

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