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Taverlers The Meaningful Journey by Regent Jean Cabana {Book Review}

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Travelers: The Meaningful Journey

Elizabeth's Review
Written from an author who is identified as a scholar and a philosopher, but he calls himself a professional Traveler, which means he travels all year round, long term. Who wouldn't want to travel the world, and see everything there is to see. He also studies those who travel as a lifestyle and a profession, which you may think might be an educational book, but it has it's entertaining points as well. 

This book mainly incorporates his own travels including the people he met, the conversations he had, and the life experience he gained along the roads of his travels. He does not live by any set rules, and lives day by day with nothing to be predicted. 

If there's one thing to be understood, it's that travelers are different then the average tourist. Tourist's may visit different parts of the world with then intention of learning and experiencing new lifestyles, but travelers do this for a profession on a daily basis. 

Tourist's will usually use the help of tour guides, only keep to the main tourist spots, but travelers will take chances and experience traveling as it's supposed to be experienced, random and living moment to moment with the flow of life. This is the best way to learn about others culture and lifestyles, if you accept it and move with the flow. 

While going through his travels, he "hits his rock bottom" which I think of as him completely restarting himself and learning who he is and what his beliefs are based on what he has learned from those he has interacted with during his travels. 

While reading this book, I found out a little bit more about myself that I did not know. I only wish we all had the opportunity to take some time out of our lives, and travel freely and with an open mind to learn about others to help us all find ourself to lead a confident life. 

I enjoyed reading this book, but it's a book that can be taken many different ways due to the readers perspective, so therefore I give this book a 3/5

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