Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 Freshman by Steve Bensinger {Book Review}

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This is a coming to age book that takes place in 1969 when three guys decide to become roommates in college. They are each from a different background, Stan is a Mexican, Lenny is rich and trying to make it big as a comedian, while Darius is an African American who's almost a genius with a high I.Q. 

I would have done anything to grow up in the seventies, this book will show you exactly what I missed from that time. Even though it was a time of fun it was also a time of war with Vietnam being mentioned throughout the book. 

This book depicts how hard it is being in college, away from home, missing your friends and family while struggling with keeping grades up and dealing with other students who crumble under the pressure. In the end, everyone has a plan on what they are going to accomplish after college. 

This wasn't exactly my type of read, but I found it entertaining none the less. I found it hard to get connected to the characters, they had depth to their descriptions, I just didn't find them very entertaining to get my attention to stay on them. I think I would have liked it more if there was some more drama besides the suicide of a classmate. 
I give this book

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