Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Goodwill Grimoire by Abramelin Keldor

What is the book about? 

This is the first book in the Lynch, P.I. detective series, where a young teenager turns up dead after a fight involving some hard-core Twilight enthusiasts. There is something strange about the autopsy, it shows that the dead teenager's organs died a whole week prior to when the rest of him died. With such an unusual case, they bring in a specialist, Nick Lynch Private Investigator. He's the perfect man for this job, since he's a eight hundred year old Mage who lives off the life forces given off from others. 

What did I think of the book? 

This book does not fit into just one genere since it covers mystery, thriller, and paranormal. 

Nick is a very interesting character who seems quite a bit cocky and arrogant as he goes around showing off his knowledge of different languages and the people he has met in his eight hundred years here on earth. 

No matter what the outcome is on Nick's decisions, he acts as if he is calm and put together, as if any negative outcome was intentional. 

I did think it was quite humorous that he makes fun of Twilight fans who wear goth makeup and GLITTER. They aren't the true vampires, and because of how obvious the vampire fans are, it makes it that much easier to pick out who is a fraud. 

Overall, it was an ok book with quite a bit of parts that made me chuckle and laugh. 

I give this book

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