Friday, July 6, 2012

Distant Star by Robert Bolano

Distant Star by Roberto Bolano

What is the book about?

Distant star starts off around the time of Pinochet's bloody 1973 coup and continues until the 1990's. The unnamed narrator, who I presume to be Arturo B. which is briefly mentioned in the preface, is so busy with Chilean poetry that he is completely taken back with surprise when many students are arrested, killed, or missing in the coup. He has taken a sudden and obsessive interest in a poet named Alberto-Ruiz Tangle who turns out to be an Officer of the Air Forcer named Carlos Wieder. The narrator begins some intense detective work, with the help of his friends, to find the answers he is looking for.

What is the book about?

I love a good horrific and violent book and this book is exactly that. Although the writing style reminds me of Juan Rulfo, who isn't my favorite, I can certainly see the appeal and value it for it's worth. It's a quick 150 page read that is unique and violent in it's own specific way. 

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I give this book...

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