Monday, January 26, 2015

Daybreak Shawl/Scarf For Sale {Knitting}

Daybreak Shawl 

Perfect for these colder months, but can also be worn during the warmer months as a scarf, or a cover up. 

If you don't like these colors, you can pick your own and one will be made just for you! Comment below with any questions. 


The Modern Professional Investigator by Michael Andrews {Book Review}

From Don't Ask Don't Tell, to Corporate America A Gay Professional Investigator's Journey

This is the story of Michael Andrews, a real-life Private Investigator, focusing on insurance claims. He opens up his life and shares his professional and private life in this book. He goes into how he was brought up as a child, and what led him to be the man he is today. 

There is all sorts of different types of fraudulent insurance claims like negligent death cases going unreported, and auto accidents, and everything in between. You wouldn't always think that a job like this would be as intriguing, but after reading this book, your view on private investigators will change. 

It's a fairly quick read at around ninety pages, but entertaining none the less. It's always enlightening to see what other professions do on a daily basis, and how they came to choose that profession. I enjoyed reading about Michael Andrews and give this book 5/5. 

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The Modern Professional Investigator: From Don't Ask Don't Tell to Corporate America A Gay Professional Investigator's Journey (Real Life Investigator Series Book 1)

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