Monday, February 2, 2015

Ultimate Guide to Flipping Websites by Jeff Williams {Book Review}

Easily Make Thousands of Dollars Online

I didn't know much about flipping websites until I read this book. I knew people have been flipping sites, but didn't understand what it entailed. I learned that flipping a website requires you to buy a website, then renovate it and make it desirable to someone looking for a site that is ready to be used.

It goes into detail on which websites to buy, and how to increase SEO and income. It definitely seems like something I could be capable of doing, and I'm glad I read this book because it's full of useful information. It's basically a step by step process that he goes into straight forward detail on to help someone with no knowledge, like myself, to get started on flipping websites. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in this and would like to know how to start from scratch. I give this book 5/5.

Ultimate Guide to Flipping Websites: Easily Make Thousands of Dollars Online


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