Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DIGI by Gary Sheerin {Book Review}

Gary Sheerin writes in a descriptive style that puts a perfect picture in my head, as to what is happening in each chapter. The storyline was written smoothly and escalated at a speed that kept me interested from the very beginning. It's a relatively short book, which made it easy and enjoyable to read during a weekends time. The sentences and chapters are short and to the point making this even easier to get through.

Peter was portrayed in a way that most people can relate to. It's targeted for kids of middle school to high school aged kids, but anyone of all ages can enjoy and relate to this book. It's generally a great book to anyone who enjoys a good sic-fi. Peter is one of a kind, since he was struck by lightning and can now enter into the cyber world. It's a storyline I have not had the pleasure to read yet, so I found it new and exciting. It was simple and to the point making this slightly predictable, but the storyline was a new one I hadn't heard of yet.

I did find the book to be a little out dated, and wasn't sure when this book was supposed to have taken place. It seemed that the technological world that Peter lives in, was during the late eighties. Either way it's hard to comment on characters, such as "bytes," when no one can know what a byte would be like. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to young adults, and teenagers who like sic-fi.


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