Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gluten-Free Diet Secrets: How to Live Gluten Free and Wheat Free by Nick Ellis {Book Review}

I have recently just started to be interested in Gluten Free recipes and using it in my everyday cooking. This was one of the first books I've purchased, and I found it very educational. The beginning does a great job at describing and explaining why gluten is bad for you, and where gluten is found in nature and in the everyday foods you buy.

It does a great job at explaining how you can lose weight on a gluten free diet and comes with some a 10 day diet menu plan with some great tasting recipes. I've only tried a few so far, but I can't wait to try the others. This is a great book if you're looking to be introduced into gluten free living. I give this a 5/5.

Gluten Free Diet Secrets: How To Live Gluten Free And Wheat Free For Weight Loss
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