Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prisma by B.W. Clifford {Book Review}

Since Krystal can remember, her uncle has taught her different games and life skills. She doesn't know that he has an ulterior motive for sharing his knowledge.

She uses a magic blanket to travel to a new planet, which opens her whole life up to a world she never could imagine. The magic behind everything described in this book gives me a sense of the Narnia series.

Along her journey, she picks up knowledge from everyone she meets. With each new character introduced, more information is shared to the benefit of Krystal's mission to save the planet. Each character ranges from animal to human and everything in-between, including magical creatures, which compares best to Alice In Wonderland.

This is a great book for a wide range of ages. It can be used as a great, one chapter at a time, bedtime story for children, as it gives the parent the opportunity to use different voices, and noises. Prisma is also great for the older crowds, with lots of entertainment and amazing detail.

The cover was interesting. It gives no indicators on what could be contained in the pages inside. This is a great fantasy book that I believe everyone can enjoy. I rate this book a 5/5.

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Prisma - The End of an Age

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