Tuesday, January 21, 2014

True Feel by Ted Bernal Guevara {Review}

This is a book about a paraplegic reporter in Chicago, who investigates a murder. His prime suspect is someone he takes great interest in, an exotic dancer. Marion Rafino travels across many states to meet the young stripper named Credence. While working this murder he must figure out how to put his personal feelings aside and work strictly on the murder at hand.

Each character brought to light in this book has an extensive back story that gives the reader the opportunity to get to know each character on a very detailed level. When writing a mystery, this is key so the reader can feel like they are solving the murder as they read along. They cannot do this without a proper back story from the characters.

The multiple narrators does make it a bit confusing as to who's speaking, and who they are speaking to. I found myself re-reading sections trying to decipher things which stopped the flow of the reading. The biggest confusion was the use of stage names and real names when it came to Credence's stripper friends. They are used interchangeably and without any explanation, which was a speed bump in the flow of reading as well.

Overall I found the book entertaining and exciting with twists and turns throughout the murder investigation. I was very excited to reach the end of the book and figure out who the murderer was. I would rate this book 4/5.

Unfortunately, I did catch quite a few spelling and grammar issues that will need addressed. It absolutely felt like I was reading the first draft of this book. This too hindered the flow of reading. The cover of the book gives me a different sense of what the book might be about, but it's pleasing to the eye, and doesn't hinder me from picking the book up.

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