Monday, January 27, 2014

Taking Flight by Stephen Tritto {Book Review}

This is a hard book to categorize, I would say it could be considered a romance due to the amount of romance contained, but that just doesn't fit right. There is a great deal of action involved, but not enough to call it just an action novel. There also is a large amount of mystery and suspense in the book, so I think of all the subjects contained, mystery fits it the best.

There are so many subjects that Mr. Tritto incorporates into this novel, including gluttony, adultery empathy, murder, disloyalty, corruption, and reflection on oneself. He invokes so many different emotions on the reader, that you can't help but be completely immersed into the story.

Anthony and Bernadette are the main characters, married to one another they find themselves dealing with normal every-day marital problems. While Anthony is a more materialistic type man who enjoys  whatever money can buy him, Bernadette enjoys having a nice home while entertaining and having fun with her friends. Together they don't quite see things the same way. It doesn't help their relationship that their friends also seem to be having marital problems, and don't always leave them at home while hanging out socially.

Martin, a mutual friend of Anthony and Bernadette, travels frequently to El Salvador to help the community with their oral care, since he is a well off oral surgeon. One on of his trips, he is killed in a violent act at one of his clinics. Anthony offers to go and retrieve his remains, causing a dispute between him and Bernadette. It's amazing how much Mr. Tritto knows about El Salvador, and integrates that into the storyline.

Martin is assigned a body guard since the government he is visiting is extremely corrupt. Since danger is everywhere he looks, this mission seems a bit more grueling than he expected. It seems Martin was involved in much more than just oral care to the community.

Mr. Tritto has a great way with words, so you will feel like you are along side Martin as he travels across the country to find his friends remains, and the frustrations he goes through on his path there. It's great that Anthony was the one to go to a country that struggles with their revenue, it causes him to really appreciate what he has at home such as running water, and basic plumbing. It gives him a new insight to his life and how he plans on living it from here on out.

Stephen Tritto does a great job with this novel, with no spelling errors that I could find. The cover could be a bit more attention grabbing, since this book is full of different emotions and activities, none are portrayed properly on the cover. I'm afraid too many people will overlook this book due to the uninteresting cover. It's still worthy of a 5/5 rating. I enjoyed this book greatly.

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Taking Flight

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