Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pure Formula {Review}

Why Choose Pure Formula? 

Fast Free Shipping (both ways)
At PureFormulas shipping is always free, even for returns
Shopping on the internet is convenient and fun. Shipping fees? Not so much. So we did away with fees. That’s right. No matter how large or small your order, you won’t pay for shipping within the U.S.  This doesn’t mean we cut corners though. Your order will ship fast, with proper packaging and a tracking number. You might even get a free expedited shipping upgrade. Like it? Don’t mention it… except maybe on Facebook or Twitter or to your neighbor. Rave reviews are always welcome!
Fresh and In Stock
We won’t make you wait. Our inventory is fresh and ready to ship.
Ever receive a health product that was close to its expiration date? You won’t get that from us. Granted, we don’t set expiration dates (the manufacturers do), but we’re a bit obsessed with product rotation and climate control. It’s a little quirk of ours. We’re careful about showing a true inventory status too. If it’s “in stock” on our site, it’s in stock in our warehouse. Period.
Customer Service Fanatics (in a good way)
We go above and beyond for our customers. You'll see.
We’re people people. We like to answer questions, place orders, clear up issues and ship fast. Not sure which product is right for you? We’ll help you choose. Want to know when a new product will be available? We’ll find out. And we’ll get back to you when it becomes available. We’re a little fanatical about our customers that way.
Get the Same Products Trusted By Your Healthcare Professional
We stand behind the authenticity of everything we sell.
We carry reputable product lines you might find at your healthcare provider’s office. They’re 100% authentic, high-grade supplements. We promise.
100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
Not happy with your order? Get a no-questions-asked refund.
We’re going to spell out our entire money-back guarantee. Ready? Here it is: “Your products will arrive in perfect condition or we will replace them.” It’s our WOW guarantee, where WOW stands for “Worry Out the Window.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We mean it too.
Low Prices!
It is hard to beat PureFormulas when it comes to value.
When buying health supplements online, we’re the ones to beat. But don’t take our word for it. Put us to the test and let us know how we compare. If there’s a lower price, we’ll match it! And did we mention free shipping?
Only The Best Brands
We focus on the best, most trusted brands.
Thorne Research, Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations. If you’re shopping for one of the top brands on the market, you’re likely to find it at We carry these brands because they’ve proven themselves and they make our customers happy. Smiles are good for your health too you know.
Extensive Product Information
We go beyond a mere description.
If you’re like many of our customers, you want as much information as possible about the products you’re buying. And we’re happy to provide it. From an extensive description to ingredient lists, dosage instructions, precautions, and customer reviews, you’ll know everything we know about the product. Still want more? Send us your question and we’ll get right on it.
Secure Online Shopping
Your information is safe with us, during and after your order
Our e-commerce platform is provided by Yahoo!, one of the largest sites on the internet, and complies with the highest internet data security standards. It uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to transmit data like payment information. It’s also certified CISP-compliant. What does all this mean in plain English? Your credit card and personal information is protected by some of the toughest standards available online.
Lowest Fulfillment Margin Of Error In The Industry
We’re not perfect, but we’re close. 99.9972% close.
We’re not your ordinary health product company. We use the latest technology and have a team of highly trained pros with a near perfect shipping record. How perfect? Our margin of error for each of the last three years was 0.0028%. In other words, mistakes are highly unlikely.
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Don't forget their is free shipping on all orders! 

The items they sell are the same reputable product lines you'll find at your healthcare provider's office.

They're one hundred percent authentic, high-grade supplements that our customers love. 

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