Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Take the Pilgrim Road by Frank T. Klus {Review}

The author adopts a futuristic story line for both political and business America, which the reader will find is based on many of the political facts of today (2013) . The author develops the main characters slowly and methodically. Several supporting characters however, are brought in with little to no development. At first one may think that this is just another futuristic political satire and futuristic doomsday book. Again, the author is able to describe the main characters (the Pipers) and several of the supporting characters in great detail; thereby leaving nothing to imagination.

As the story unfolds, it takes the main character, Redd Piper from an early age of about 10 through adulthood. Leaving it at that as to say much more would tip the story line. The book describes corporate America as it is known today with an alternative corporate America (dare I mention co-op) Business model. This change in the corporate scheme does not play well with current political and enterprise powers and as a covert organization (NOGOV) was adopted these members were in many levels of government and corruption was rampant. And it is the author’s ability to weave characters in and out that make this book a very interesting and easy to read story.

Author, Klus, presents a America’s political situation by using (and ultimately developing) everyday characters of one American family. Again, it is the development of Red Piper from a young boy through college and into his newly defined business model for corporate America and ultimately the president of a new, futuristic America. It has many facets of government involvement, covert, anti-government and many of those in between. The author shows that the American dream will always hold up despite what political orientation is in control of the White House.

The book is pretty well written, simple and pretty easy to understand. Granted there were a few spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing that distracts the reader from the books story line. Klus did a pretty good job of keeping the political terminology out of the book; instead he would opt for descriptions versus political terms.

Overall, a fascinating read. Very captivating, with truly a well defined story line and characters 5/5.
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