Monday, December 2, 2013

Jaided by Ashley Rose {Review}



Since day one there's been nothing normal about Jaide. It doesn't help that she has just moved into an all boys school. She sticks out like a very sore thumb. She has a nasty past that affects her still today.

She sure can swear like a boy, and play soccer like a winner. She's even warming up to some of the boys. It sure helps that her brother graduated as valedictorian last year, and has a killer reputation on the soccer field.

She's even rooming with another boy, Blaize. He's an emotional wreck and struggling to keep up with school, and fortunately he's paired with Jaide, who's willing to put herself on a limb for him. It definitely helps that Blaize is got sexy black hair and piercing blue eyes. Fortunately she's got a soccer team who will do anything to help her out, and they prove their loyalty many times.

It's not every day you see a girl in an all boys school. Makes this book original and imaginative. I have to admit that Jaide seems a bit flirty with a good portion of the boys at school, including people she shouldn't be. It makes it less entertaining to see a romance start up since she's basically begging for it, but fun to read none the less.

There were many parts of the book that did not seem plausible in real life. Just the fact that she's a girl in an all boy school seems a little out there. All the adults in her life seem to not care how old she is, and the fact that she is sleeping with boys. In fact, they encourage it, and are very open minded.

The romance that builds is cute and sweet at the same time, which I found to be my favorite part. Jaide does have quite a slutty side and I found it heartbreaking and angering, but that's just my personal opinion.

I did enjoy the psychological break down which I think accurately shows why she trusts only certain people. Overall I would rate this a 5/5. It's a fun and entertaining romance that I finished rather quickly.

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