Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Erasing Shadows by K.D. Rose {Review}

Mira helplessly tries to hold on to her three year old son, Brandon, as he disappears in her arms, leaving her with just his shoe. Before you know it she is sucked into an astral plane, causing her to regress to the age of nine. While also not remembering doing so, which really puts a damper on things. Michael, her husband, will stop at nothing until they find her and their friend. So now Michael must call on his old friends, the "High Five Gang"to help him.

Unfortunately, all this information is crammed into a small amount of time and is basically thrown at you, and left for you to piece together. I did love reading about friends who can get together after many years and still pick up right where they left off. Although, they would converse about past memories and experiences, without explaining what was going on. I felt like an outsider, listening in on someones conversation without knowing them whatsoever.

I wish there was more backstory to the characters. I didn't understand a lot of the interactions between the characters because things were just implied or assumed we, as the reader, knew. Since they were in this world, and in the astral world, I could not distinguish where they were at most moments in the book. 

I really wish I liked this book more than I did, but I just couldn't get into it. The idea is great, and if it was tweaked just a bit, I think it has potential to be a five star book, but I will rate it at a 2/5 

Erasing: Shadows
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