Monday, December 9, 2013

Behold the Man! by Don Touchton {Review}

Quest for the Biblical Jesus

When you think of Jesus, you think of him after his human years, after he was resurrected by God. This book goes beyond that, talking about his human years. Don Touchton does a great job at applying different factors to describing Jesus during his human years. Such as, the time period, genetics and his personality type. Everything is based off of real scripture from the bible. Nothing is fabricated or gone off of any other documentation.

I think the main focus of the book is to show that Jesus was a simple man like you or I am today, and he achieved wonders, and so can you in today's time. Following his footsteps, and pleasing God are simple tasks that anyone an abide by.
It's an eye opening read, to fully understand the gospels and scriptures about Jesus in both human times, and after. If you truly want to know Jesus for the man he was on this earth, this is a great book to start out with. It does take a basic knowledge of the Bible to follow along. This book could be considered controversial since no one knows for sure about some of the concepts about Jesus during his life. I understand a lot more due to this book, and appreciate how much I have learned. A big thank you to Don Touchton who deserves nothing less than 5/5.

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Behold the Man!: Quest for the Biblical Jesus.
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