Sunday, December 8, 2013

Austerity Dad by Jason Ayres {Review}

This is a small journal collection of events following a fathers life. He goes into great detail about his daily life including what he eats, down to what he does during the day. I found the journal entries to be very random. They seem to just be a collection of thoughts, feelings, and observations that he experiences throughout the day.

His profession is a DJ, a blogger, a husband, and a father. This keeps things very interesting, as we all know that having kids can be an adventure in itself. He incorporates much of his life into his writing, and it's interesting to be inside his head for the duration of the book. I found this to be entertaining and witty at some points. I've always enjoyed journal style writing because it really feels you are living the author's life as your own. I rate this as a 5/5.

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