Friday, November 1, 2013

Never Bail Out by Henry Atherton {Book Review}

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Never Bail Out takes place during World War II in different parts of the world. Miles Fuller comes home from being a pilot in the war, thinking he is coming to a happy and loving wife. Unfortunately she's turned into someone he does not recognize.

Regardless of their issues, he was taught in the service to never abandon people just because they are in trouble, or in this case, struggling with everyday life as a military wife. In the military, this attitude earned him the medal of honor, now that he's back home he is slowly feeling like he would have rather died in the war than deal with his wife the way she is now.

His wife has a secret agenda and a reason for her behavior, something she's been plotting for quite some time now, and he is none the wiser.

I really enjoyed this murder mystery, the author did a great deal of research into the military during this time, because his knowledge on jets, military slang, and the interactions between soldiers of this time period were surprisingly accurate.

The author really seemed to understand how it might feel to come home from the war, only to feel lost and angry at the world, and trying to handle it all gracefully. Most of the book was extremely descriptive, and some parts were descriptive enough that the weak stomach might not be able to handle reading the violent scenes. Overall I would rate this book a 5/5.

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