Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Midnight Sun by Frank Monti {Review}

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Midnight Sun

Written from many different characters point of view, this book is fast paced with an energetic feel to it. There's a lot going on inside this book, and I would compare it to Tom Clancy's writing. There is tyranny on it's way to collapsing, spies, and of course rebels fighting for their own causes.

There's Paul Ravel who is on his first trip to Africa. There is General Sefu the dictator. Lucinda is a photographer waiting for a picture of a lifetime. There's Pierre who is a rebel. Then there is John Abbot who is a spy. Last of all, there is Romy, a french model who inherited shares in a very important and profitable mine.

Each of the characters had depth and qualities that jumped off the page. There's nothing worse then a character you don't like just because he wasn't built up enough from the author. Every person you come to read, you lean to love and hate them. All for many different reasons.

I wished this book would have initially grabbed me into the story a bit more. It eventually became interesting to the point where I couldn't put the book down. The plot was very realistic and easy to follow, which made the book overall a pretty great read. Overall I would rate this a 5/5. Definitely recommend.

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