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Consequences by Martha Kennerson {Book Review}

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Kristine is a traumatized college student with PTSD with nightmares that haunt her every dream. She has an ex boyfriend Dennis, the only man she loved so completely and so passionately. Although Dennis had a girlfriend, Kristine still felt like he was something special. Their relationship was one of a kind, Dennis treated her like his queen and Kristine ate it up adoringly. He was passionate, unselfish, and always had Kristine on his mind.

Dennis chose Kristine initially instead of following his family's wishes for an arranged marriage to someone else. Eventually in the end, he gave in and accepted the arranged marriage, thus ending it with Kristine.

After the breakup, Kristine has an encounter at a party with two wild party animals who are into drugs and kinky sex. They are the ones responsible for Kristine's nightmares and her anxiety problems she endures every single day. Fortunately she had her roommate and friends nearby to help her through it, but this sort of thing doesn't go away quickly no matter how much support you have.

On her road down recovery, she gets even more devastating news that changes everything she had planned for her future. It doesn't help that she's attending the University of Texas and is a very good student.

She is an extremely likable character, everyone seems to like her, and wants to be around her. Even the boy she grew up across the street from. It's always good to see a character like Kristine, overcome her past while keeping her head up and focused on what she wants. I'm glad the book was written from her point of view, she's a strong and loving woman.

Book Club Questions: 
(spoiler alert)

  1. Why do you think Kristine was so desperate to have her baby?
  2. Was Kristine's father unreasonable in his response to her choice to keep the baby?
  3. Was Kristine wrong to accept Mitch's support; knowing how he felt about her when she still had so many unresolved feelings for Dennis? 
  4. Were you surprised by Kristine's reaction to what happened to Eric? 
  5. Do you think Eric's parents have any rights (legal or emotional) to Eric's biological child? 
  6. Were you surprised by Dennis' reaction toward Davis once he learned the truth behind Kristine's pregnancy?
  7. Was Mitch's anger towards Kristine for letting Dennis back into her life justified? 
  8. What do you think led to Kristine's overall happiness? 
  9. What was the biggest lesson you learned from Kristine's story? 
  10. What do you think of Kristine's character? 

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