Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dremiks by Cassandra Davis {Book Review}

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This is another one of those space stories. Coincidentally I was in the mood for such a book, when I found this one out. Unfortunately due to the high amount of grammar and spelling issues, I had difficulty really getting into this book. I assumed that a book with spaceships, aliens, conspiracy, and massive explosives, would have a bit more substance to the story line. 

It didn't help that the most of the book seemed to be an introduction to the ship and the characters on board. The author hints at things that will be tied into the story at a later time. The hardest part about this was waiting to find out what the big secret was that was discussed so many times. I almost stopped reading this book many many times during the first half of the book because it had no point to the plot. 

The main idea to the story is that the Dremikians and the humans have arranged a deal. Since Dremiks is not inhospitable to the Dremikians they are giving the planet to the humans. They only catch is, the humans have to stop the planet from destruction. What happens if there's a someone out to stop the main plan?  It's a great plot, but it all comes together in such a weird way that you must pay careful attention. 

The characters seemed very unrealistic. For example I didn't expect Maggie to become such a wuss when things got a little hairy. Especially since she's portrayed as being a strong, confident, and independent woman, who is also trained for such situations. The connection between Maggie and the Captain seemed to flow nicely together, and they seemed to fit comfortably with one another. I was finding myself getting lost on which character was who, and ended up having to go back and re-read to remind myself. 

In the end, it seems the author decides to speed things up and cram as much information into the last part of the book, it was overwhelming. I think the second half of the book could have been the story on it's own, only more elaborated. The first half almost seems unnecessary, excluding very few parts. 

I know I mention a lot of negative things about this book, but I wouldn't say it was a horrible book. It was mediocre, with a great plot, just a bit disheveled and unorganized. If the book was horrible, I wouldn't have finished it. So it was at least good enough to finish. I give this book a 3/5

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