Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Bullet for Two by Robert Strzalko {book review}

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A Bullet for Two

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At the end of the Civil War, a union soldier Jeb McCulloch, rescues a young girl from being raped by a sheriff, a mayor and another well-known citizen. These were the very citizens that were supposed to be protecting her from people like themselves. Jeb is so astonished that such authority figures could do such a thing, but despite who they are, they committed a horrible crime and Jeb shoots them dead.  As he is saving the young girl his is harshly warned that he is making a mistake he will live to regret. 

Jeb is just a simple man who has a strong sense of morals who went to war to defend his country. Now he is on the run with a young girl, for killing three important leaders. The sons of the murdered men form a troop and set out for revenge. The word of the wanted man reaches the bounty hunters, who are now also searching for him. 

Eventually the young half breed girl falls fervently in love with with her hero as they set off on amazing adventures with their bounty hunters on their heels.  

This book only has about seventy pages, so it was a quick read for me, but that didn't make it any less off an amazing story. The characters are well built and it seems they carefully thought out, which makes for an easy and enjoyable read. If you enjoy westerns, this would be a perfect book for you to read in one sitting. I enjoyed reading Robert Strzalko's book, he has a strong writing style that everyone can understand. 

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