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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Shreiber BOOK REVIEW

Vampire Kisses Book #1

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Vampire Kisses (Vampire Kisses, #1)

What is the book about?

Even in Kindergarden Raven knew she wanted to grow up and become a vampire. It's no secret that Raven is dark and mysterious, the whole town knows her for her looks. Even her family thinks she's a little weird for how she dresses. 

Trevor is one of the kids who is always getting on her case, they grew up together since kindergarden so it's been years of back and forth bickering. Raven feels like there's no one in town who is like her. 

That is until Alexander moves into the creepy mansion in town that has been empty for years. He's dark and mysterious just like Raven, he also is very formal and proper. Alexander sends a hand written invitation for dinner to her home for their first date. 

Raven is excited to finally have someone in town who is like her, and might also be a vampire. She has to get him to bite her, so they can live undead together forever. 

Alexander and Raven are smitten with each other, until Trevor gets in the way and ruins everything. In the end, does she really know Alexander? 

What did I think of the book? 
It's always so funny when the characters go by all the classic myths that describe a vampire. Raven is pretty sure that Alexander is a vampire, and Ellen Shreiber wants you to think so too. She adds in quirky little comments like, 

"I'm always hungry" I flirted 
"And you?" 
"I'm rarely hungry, but always thirsty" 

"I want a relationship I can finally sink my teeth into" 

I thought Shreiber has a real talent for writing cute young adult books. Raven is naive about the vampire world, and it's funny to watch her test out all the classic vampire myths to see if she's become a vampire. 

The ending was quite unexpected, I thought for sure I knew Alexander wasn't a vampire, but then the last paragraph of the book makes me wonder if I was wrong the whole time reading this book. 
I give this book
Only 3/5 I don't know if I will continue this series. 

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The Devil of Death

The moonlight tiptoes around my curtains, and gives little light to my dark room. Darkness is just what I need to let my body relax and make it's way to slumber. I can feel my breathing become slower, and my body gets heavier, weighing me down to the bed. 

My eyes are closed, and my body is asleep but my mind wanders off in complete alert. My soul floats above my sleeping body and I look down upon myself. I look peaceful and comfortable, but what I feel is panic and adrenaline. 

I search the house insuring no evil spirits can harm my sleeping body. They usually sneak in so quietly and charge at me throwing whatever horrific scenes they can into my subconscious. Just when I think the perimeter is secure and I can join my body, I see a dark shadow headed for the bedroom. I follow with intent to slaughter. As I enter the room, I can see the dark shadow, hovering over me. It's the reaper, and he's come for my body. 

The cancer must have eaten my body away, leaving me to be taken by death while I sleep. Even though I knew that this day was inevitable assuming I was not cured, but no amount of preparation could help me see the shadow claim my body. 

I leap up ready to strike. I lift my fist and with all my strength I throw it into the reapers face. I expect to feel contact, but my fist flys through open air as it swings through death. I guess my soul cannot reach him. I'm running out of time, death is leaning in as if he is going to kiss me. Just inches above my lips, he starts to inhale and I can see the light inside my body diminish and be absorbed into the shadow. 

Death absorbs my life and in return you can see the strength he is gaining. He feeds off of the life of those who die. Almost instantly, my body looks pale and motionless. This can't be happening, I'm witnessing my own death and there's nothing I can do about it. 

I try to push my soul back into my dead body, but it's like slamming my head into a brick wall, I cannot get in. The reaper just sits back and watches my attempts to claim my body back, he chuckles at my attempts. 

"Your time is now, you must release your body to death and accept your fate." Death whispers. 

"What is my fate, now that I'm dead" I cry back to him. 

"That is not for me to decide, I am simply here to take what is no longer yours. I cannot help you. Your soul has not passed, so you must find the path to the other side before you are stuck here forever." Death says as he fades into nothing. 

"Wait!" I yell at the empty room. "Come back!" 

Death is gone, but the room suddenly gets bitterly cold from wind that seems to be coming from inside the bedroom. The air is spinning around me, like a mini tornado. As it picks up speed, I can feel my soul get swept up in the twister, and carry me to another dimension. 

(to be continued)
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