Thursday, August 16, 2012

Legends Lost Tesnayr by Nova Rose


What is the book about?

Jarown is in extreme rush to save his friend from Blynak's attack but finds he is unfortunately too late to do anything about it. Jarown's last words are a reminder to protect and save his daughter Nelyn no matter what.

Over a decade later unknown creatures on a ship are tossed in a storm at sea, the unthinkable happens and lightning strikes the ship mast. Escaping death from a sinking ship, Nigilin finds a man on a beach who is willing to take him in and go to town to find someone who can attend to the man's injuries. Tesnayr slowly recovers but the emotional scars are still left on his mind and he starts building traps for the unknown and strange creature. Suddenly he is attacked by a strange creature and discovers what they are.

What did I think of the book?

This isn't quite my type of book, but I continued to read it through to see if I could find something enjoyable in the book. Although it is extremely imaginative, it is not a book that I would have chosen at a book store. For those who are into extreme sci-fi/fantasy then this is definitely for you!

I give this book

Legends Lost Tesnayr
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What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

What is the book about?
Axelia, or better better known as Zee, is a seventeen year old Canadian who has adventured out to study in Rome but has never returned back home because she is now dead. She wakes to find that she's beautiful, with no flaws to be seen, and power that is unimaginable, just like a vampire should be. She's more powerful then a regular newbie vampire because she has been turned by an ancient vampire and his blood pumps through her body. Unfortunately the vampire world thinks that due to her unconventional means on becoming a vampire, causing them to think that she will be the downfall of the entire vampire race. Now they want her dead.
What did I think of the book?
You really relate to the main character even when she makes silly mistakes. You find yourself really sympathizing with her as she learns to become a vampire. This book is filled with violence, action and drama and will keep your hands glued to the book. This is not a "I'll put the book down after this chapter" type of book. I found myself saying this all throughout the book, and I never ended up laying the book down, reading in all in one sitting. I hope that Channing has decided to write a sequel to this book because even after I finished the last chapter, I was hoping for more!
I give this book

What Kills Me
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