Monday, October 8, 2012

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands {Book Review}

Argeneau Book #3

Lucern is the author of the famous Love Bites #1 and #2 and the readers are anxious to know more about the author known as Luke Amirault which is Lucern's pen name. Kate C. Leever, Lucern's editor, has the privilege of convincing Lucern to do something for the readers. Kate sends letter after letter of opportunities for Lucern to get some publicity. After responding "No" to every letter, Kate finally decides a face to face conversation would be much easier to convince Lucern to help her out. 

Kate shows up on his front step and as soon as he realizes he can't read her mind, he becomes worried his Mom will try to play matchmaker and set them up. 

Sure enough Kate is formally invited to Etienne's wedding as Lucern's date which gets him thinking about Kate as slightly less annoying then before. 

He is scared to get close to anyone so he agrees to do a book conference just so Kate will go home and leave him alone. He's old fashioned and stubborn, not many women can handle Lucern, not until Kate anyways. 

As soon as he steps off the plane and sees Kate, he remembers her smell and how lonely he felt after she quickly ran off the last time they saw eachother. 

This is another exciting vampire romance novel by Lynsay Sands. She will have you hooked to Lucern and Kate as well as the other Argenau novels. 

Kate is super open-minded and doesn't seem at all bothered that her uncooperative author is a vampire in need of blood. She goes above and beyond her job title to make sure Luc is satisfied, happy, and fed. 

It's great to see Lynsay morph her characters into loving and caring vampires once their eyes are opened up to love. Lucern is transformed into a happy loving soul who finds himself smiling and it's all because of Kate. He already had the qualities of a great man but never let himself be at ease with anyone before, now his true self is shining with Kate around. 

I cannot wait for book #4! 

I give this book

Barnes and Noble

Single White Vampire (Argeneau, #3)

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